In addition to modernizing the logo, we helped to re-organize their packaging system to make it more digestible for both the retailer and consumer.
   As a component of the new packaging system, a set of icons were designed to explain the various benefits of each product.
   Next, Feetures set out to unveil it’s new line of Everyday socks. These images were used throughout their spring 2018 product guide and promotional materials to introduce the line to both retailers and consumers. Below you'll see the process from my sketches to final photography by  Mike Caroll .
   The two pieces below were used in-store as point-of-purchase sales tools.
Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.20.41 PM.png
  To further introduce the expansion from running into everyday, our team redefined the brand's mantra to be "Go. Do. Live. In Feetures." These images, shot by  James Quantz, Jr. , visually encompass the go, do and live for each individual. The lines that spread out from the feet all start from the sock's patented targeted compression design and spread according to their activity.
   These gifs were used throughout their social media channels to excite consumers about this expansion into everyday socks.
     In addition to the Everyday launch, we also helped to introduce a pair of socks to help those with a very common foot problem - plantar fasciitis. To introduce these  to retailers, we packaged them in oversized pill bottles with a unique prescription label.
 We also shot and created a series of fun gifs to capture viewers attentions in emails and on social.
   As part of the Everyday line, Feetures pushed out a new product called Hiddens. We created these videos as well as in-store hangtags to explain the visible benefits of these hidden socks. My feet even got a chance to shine in the spotlight.
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