CW: Mary Gross, AD: Kara McCoy
Frame Digital Imaging: HacJob

Most people think of the Wells Fargo Championship as a snooty golf event for old, rich people.

But in reality, good food, beer tents and a young crowd make this golf tournament fun—no matter what your tax bracket. That’s why we changed the tournament’s target, strategy and tagline. The Wells Fargo Championship will now be known as “The most prestigious place to have fun.“

The campaign asks viewers to take a closer look at the Wells Fargo Championship. 


And if they take a closer look at our ornate frame, it’s actually constructed out of hotdogs, hamburgers, sunglasses, flip-flops, cocktails, as well as the Wells Fargo Championship trophy.

We put our frame out on the course and people shared their photos with #WellsFargoChamp: Including the 2015 Wells Fargo Champ, Rory McIlroy.

There were a few articles written about the campaign.

Oh and that’s me below being a total fan girl taking a picture of Rory post-win.